Peqe’s 1 Year Sale!

Yay! Sales! Who doesn’t like sales?

This time is Peqe‘s FIRST anniversary sale!

One Year Sale!

Not all items are for sale but still there’s many discounted 50% ! Where the balloons are at, that item will be discounted down to 50%!

Go take a look and do not miss the chance!
Hair, clothes and even shoes!

TAXI to Peqe!!

P.S.: I want to apologize for not posting about Peqe that often, it’s becoming very hard to do everything so thanks for keeping up with the news in any other way possible.

Thank you,

Inex Hax

#147 Glam Affair – Monica joins forces with Miamai!

Glam Affair just released a new skin and it is Gorgeous!

Glam Affair - Monica

Gorgeous, gorgeous features on this Skins body and face!!

Doesn’t come with as many makeups as Glam affair usually provides but every single one of these are fierce!

The pack comes with pubic hair on clothing layer and tatto layer aswell as eyebrows on tatto layer (or skin too).

Skins come with Hairbase option/Eyebrow (blonde or dark).
There are 5 skin tones available: Dark, Tan, MedTan, Natural and Light!

Also, Miamai did the packs of tatto layers for this skin, Freckles and More!! Make sure to go by Miamai to grab these packs!

Keep your eyes opened for this gorgeous skin!

Other items:
Hair: Exile
Eyes: Lelutka
Lashes: Lelutka
Hands: Slink

#146 Lelutka latest Hair.

For some reason I didn’t show you all the blog I did for Lelutka newets hairs but by now everyone knows it but still! I wanna show my picture *smily face*

Lelutka - Hair - March Collection

They are elegant and goes for pretty much every taste!

From left to right:

Biel is a great middle parting hair for those that like medium size hairs.

Addison, for the ones that like short messy hair.

Rain: Great low ponytail, the front is drop dead gorgeous!

Sue is a great middle size hair with soft bangs. I love the flow of this hair.

Lush, a more elegant and classic hair with a bun on the bottom, puffy and loose hair that makes it look beautiful and natural.

I had this on flickr since they were released *facepalm*

#145 Sia

Hello! League released a new skin that I am in love with!!

League - Sia

“Sia comes with Dark Hairbase, Cleavage and Freckles Options on the skin, thats 8 skins per makeup, and is available in Dark, Deeptan, Suntan, Sunkiss, Medium, Pale and Fair.
Eyebrow Shape Included. Pubic Area Brazilian option also included on underpant & Tattoo Layer, the skin itself is now shaved due to popular request.

16 makeups available in each tone, to buy separately or in Fatpacks of 8 or all 16 at a significant reduction.
Also available for Sia are Blonde Hairbase & Brows Tattoos, these are tone specific and include 4 variations of eyebrow with blonde hairbase, also included are brows alone and hairbase alone on their own layers.”
Said Nena Janus, the owner of League, on the notecard that she sent this morning annoucing the release!

Also, she’s selling the shape Sia! Here’s a preview of the shape with the skin!
League -Sia (Skin and Shape)

Go grab a demo and get this gorgeous skin! Taxi to League

#144 Pure Juice II – Peqe

As most of you might have seen if you’ve been to Pure Juice or the feeds Peqe is @ Pure Juice!
The theme around this event is Pink, Black and White and since I am crazy about animals I decided to use the ones that are in black and white, leaving behind the pink on this set.

Glanimal, presented to you by Peqe:
Glanimal by Peqe.

From left to right:
Glanimal III – Zebra double strap (or one, two versions available) top and sequin black tights!
Glanimal I – Puffy dress made in white fluffy fur with one shoulder strap.
Glanimal II – 3 layers leopard dress in black and white with a shrug with shoulder vintage fabric and golden buttons.

That’d be what you’d get from Peqe at Pure Juice!! ❤

Now I will showcase some of my best friends works that are also at Pure Juice!
My husband Orion:
Coming soon to Orion at Pure Juice.
Lace dres, very classy but dressed down it has a very rocky vibe to it. Available in 3 colors or fatpack!

Mágoa, by Keira Seerose:
Coming soon to the Pure Juice event
A fierce mini dress with a thunderbolt that’d make anyone look fabulous! Along she also made tops:
Magoa ~ Belle

Pure Juice Taxi ❤

#143 Pure Juice!

Pure Juice opens March 5th!! It’s TOMORROW so make sure you got your lindens ready!
Pure Juice is a themed event/fair that brings lots of different and awesome items by awesome, very known or not so well known but still great designers on the grid!

You won’t be able to look at this picture and not say ‘ I need THAT!’ because there’s anything for every style!! From hair to skins, clothes to make-up … There’s everything!!

Pure Juice Preview.

There’s no landmark available yet because it’s not open for public but make sure you’re subscribed to Chic Management to recive the news of the GREAT opening!

(To know which items of these outfits are at Pure Juice go to the flickr photo!)

#142 To One Lounge

It’s not usual for me now to blog outfits or events even unless I am on them BUT I found my favorite dress of all times in here.

To One Lounge is a little store that takes at least 6 or 7 japanese designers. I am not sure how their coverage is being taken but I thought it was sooo cute and everyone knows japanese designers make the cutest stuff!

To One Lounge

They are all named after the place, To one lounge, but the designers name change. I am loving the moca Loup items!
Dresses and necklaces are from To one Lounge.

To One Lounge

Other items here. I am loving all these sets and I hope you do too!

To One Lounge.

For information about what I am wearing go to my flickr