About Peqe.

My name is Inex Hax and I am the owner of Peqe.

It all started with [Ink Hangover] and creating very simple and not so detailed pieces of clothing without prims (tops, leggings, skirts…). It wasn’t always easy. I started to have one super small store at a RP sim which wasn’t good for the business. Dead end and one switch of name, Fumé (which was picked out of a make-up magazine), Xstreet was the choice that remaind for quite a few months. After a while I found a little store for rent at Pookie Promenade which was an active sim at the time. A little store for 25 prims only. Another couple of months and Fumé started joining events, one of them at Pookie Promenade, and Summer of Love Fair by CHIC Limited.

I didn’t have a mainstore by then and then the Platinum Hunt came up. Keira Seerose was very generous to offer me space for a mainstore so I could be in that hunt organized by Chic Limited. After that Fumé would follow Mágoa (Keira’s Seerose store) any sim they’d go and events she’d plan (which are the best), up until the present.

Fumé (at the time) got invitations to join Liberty, The Rumor, Euphoria.

Fumé changed to Peqe on November 2010 because of my unsatisfaction with the name and so Peqe was born and grew. The store joined other sims like fri.day and Modavia. The Mainstore is located on Le Cirque along with Mágoa and Orion (my partner’s store, Orion Gant).

The SL Grid has been great towards the brand. It’s becoming more popular everyday. Peqe has been to great events such as: Call for Couture, Chic Limited, The With Love..Hunts, Modavia Fashion Shows, The Unicef Project, GLANCE Fashion Awards, …

With Peqe I try to go over the edge and create something that’s catchy to the eye with great fabrics and colors, patterns and textures. The animal prints were something that kept the brand out there and mostly the peacock. It can be seen on the new 2011 logo!

For landmarks check the Location Page.



Peqe 2011 Logo.


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