Contact Me.

My inworld name is Inex Hax and I am always checking my notecards or IMs. If you have any requests or doubts or simply looking for information please make sure to send me either one of those.


If you’re wanting Peqe to be in Events please leave a notecard before you contact me through IM. If you leave me an IM I’ll just be asking you to send me a notecard and await my confirmation.

I don’t do Hunts much but I accept notecards for the hunts events so send them to me anyways if you’re interested!

Models or Fashion Shows:

I am not at all looking for models or fashion shows organizers to throw me a solo fashion show. I am my own model and if I need anyone else I ask my friends. Thank you for the offer anyways!

Mall or Land Invitations:

I am not looking to rent at places that don’t have nice traffic or at least nice neighbour stores. I already have around 6 stores that are in good places so unless your spot is Better than any of those – please do contact me – because I will be intrigued.

Peqe 2011 Logo.


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