#141 Sasha by vive9

From the beggining of my blog I’d never think I would be making so many skin reviews like I have been doing!

Sasha is the newest face for vive9 and so they open their Skin section with this baby girl!!
Sasha has features that some skins don’t carry with them, it has the power to give you an exotic look AND it comes wtith dark ranges which is perfect for anyone on secondlife and their skin preferences.

vive9 - Sasha

I had this on flickr since february 28 and only now I am blogging it so I am apologize for the curious eyes.

Anyways I am showcasing the Terra tone of skin from Sasha. The before darkest tone on this line.
So the skin comes with several eyebrows options including no eyebrows and so you can wear their PRIMED eyebrows!! Very useful for those brows that you can’t get on the right spot. Now you can!!

The skin itself comes with the eyeshadows and the lipstick/lipglosses come in tatto layers.
There’s lipgloss, light lipsticks, bold lipsticks and dark lipsticks.
Breast enhancer is also available.

The only thing not available is hairbase which is surprising because I love hairbase option.

So here’s Sasha presented to you by Peqe and given to you by vive9!


#140 February Cycle.

There was a bunch of new releases by every single Hair Store BUT I have to show the Truth and Exile ones.

February Cycle, Hairs Truth and Exile.

Not all hair are here but most and they are super awesome!
Truth on the top with long wavy or straight hairs (love that!)
Exile on the bottom wth their crazy mixes that makes us being interested in every single release he does! ( I even look like Megan Fox on one of those!)

Hairs for Garden City Relief.
Ok so, these hairs are at Garden City Relief which is an event organized to get donations for New Zeland.

These hairs are AMAZING and worth every charity linden and they come with essentials pack.
A long luscious hair and a great ponytail!! ❤
Exile and Elikatira!

#139 PXL for Skin Fair … When a Skin becomes S-E-X.

And this skin is indeed pure S-E-X for me! I am in love with it and I am NOT taking it off and therefore I think everyone should take their time to Demo this skin once you get your hands on it!

PXL Linda g3 for SkinFair!

The Skin comes with the lipstick on and you get the eye make-up on Tatto Layers so you can easily mix match to create any look you want!

On the upper sets (only lips being showcased) that’s the lips that come with the skin (there’s not all of them being displayed but most are, you see there’s ALOT of choices!)
On the lower sets (only the make-ups are being showcased) there are the eye make-ups that come in Tatto Layers (there’s not all of them either so you see there’s MANY of them also!)

Linda G3 comes with the options of hairbase and cleavage. Freckles in tatto layer!
Light or Dark eyebrow/hairbase available aswell!

Once you get your hands on the Skin Fair landmark.. Go get it!

#138 Peqe opens it’s doors for HAIR!

I decided it was time for me to make something different that would grow the Peqe ‘imperium’. There’s no imperium right now though but hopefully.. some day!

So, introducing hair to Peqe there is Shane and Ines!

Ines by Peqe

Ines is an hair I made that looks like my own real hair. It was my first hair ever and I hope you guys like it. It’s a middle parting hair and it’s best worn with hairbase so if you have hairbase skin, the better ^^

Shane by peqe

Shane is another long hair with very drastic side bangs. It’s longer than Ines and it’s messy, edgy and fierce!

They come with and without resizing script!

Regarding the colors:
There’s 3 colors per pack, an essentials pack with 4 colors (ginger, wet sand, hot chocolate and pitch).
Blondes pack: wet sand, double latte, platinum
Browns pack: hot chocolate, mahogany, fudge
Reds pack: Double caramel, ginger, cherry
Blacks pack: pitch, chracoal, white

Taxi to go grab those hairs if you’re interested! ❤

#137 Bold Peqe, Bold…

New Dress/bodysuit/top available at Peqe!

Peqe - Bold Collection

8 different colors/patterns to choose from each one with a different bow!

3 animal prints
5 vintage recolors

Taxi to Peqe.

#136 Glam Affair for Skin Fair

New Glam Affair skin and it is GORGEOUS!

Great make-ups, luscious lips, gorgeous facial!

Glam Affair - Mary (Coming for you for Skin Fair!)

This one, from all the skins at G.A., fits me better am I am loving the pink luscious lips on my favorite skin

It comes with hairbase option (on the skin, not tatto layer and yay for that!), breast enhancer tatto layer; pubic hair option (tatto layer and clothing layer); blush tatto layers.

AND there’s color option for the hairbase/brows.

12 make-up skins plus a clean version!
Not to mention the make-up sets are edgy, fierce and simply yummy !

Other items being displayed:
Lashes: Lelutka
Eyes: Lelutka
Hair: Maitreya

#135 Peqe @ The Cellar

A new dress is available at The Cellar!

Peqe - Bold

It can be worn as a bodysuit also!
If you’re a pink girl thi is the dress for you, if not hold back for the recolors that will be, very soon, available at the new mainstore!

The Cellar, Taxi!