Review Copies.

I have a mailbox which delivers my newest stuff to bloggers that I like/enrolled. If you want to join you should:

– have high quality pictures;
– have your blog syndicated to the major feeds;
– have at least some experience on the blogging world.

So, if you want to join please send me a notecard:

– name the notecard ‘Mailbox Request– [name]’
– write your url and Inworld name (the original one, not the display one), for how long you are a blogger and the feeds you are sindicated to.

If you are not interested in joining the mailbox and you would like to review Peqe’s items singularly please do the following:

– notecard me ‘Review Copies – [name]’
– write down your blog url, items you want to blog (not more than 5), feeds your blog is blogrolled to, and whatever else you think it’d be good for me to know.
– Don’t go crazy asking more than 5 items at once. If after you blog the first bunch you are interested in blogging more just send me another notecard and I’ll consider it.

Once I send them to you I expect to recive a link to the post.
If you ask for something and it is not blogged you won’t recive any future releases.

Thank you,

Inex Hax.

Peqe 2011 Logo.


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